What is "Tango


“Milonga” is not only a dance/music but also a term used to describe a gathering, a social dance, a place where people can spend the evening dancing tango till the early hours of the morning. “Milongueros” are the people attending the Milongas. Some of them drift from one venue to another following their favourite D. J., orchestra or music style played in a specific place at different times of the night. "Tango Milonguero" or "Milonguero style" is a “way” of dancing adopted by the Milongueros going back to the 50’s. It is not a competitive dance or a performance for an audience. It is a close up, emotional and personal experience on crowded Tango Bar floors where “bailarins” utilise the limited room available by skilfully dancing in close embrace, with short steps, quick turns on the spot and always within their inner space. It goes well beyond the technicality of posture and apile, with the music becoming the catalyst for the bonding of two persons’ as one, in an unbroken and elegant embrace of two bodies perfectly synchronised.

Translated in simple words and transported in our part of the world, Tango Milonguero is

a social  dance where you can dance at your chosen level, without competition or

performance pressure.

Once you have learnt a few basic steps, you will be able to dance socially without the

need of being an acrobat or having to remember any complicated choreography,

complex routines and steps, and with the added bonus of a gentle physical exercise in

tune with the traditional music from Buenos Aires.  

Get the “little grey cells” stimulated by the need of concentrating on the music, the

choice of steps, following the melody and not just the beat.

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This site is dedicated to Tango Milonguero, its  world, the culture of the tango bars and  to all the milongueros who have chosen it as their  dance style.
Join us and learn the basic steps of the Tango Milonguero with the traditional music as it is danced in Buenos Aires Tango Bars.  If you can walk, we will make you dance tango Home